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Hiya everyone

as you know I posted about the new contest a few days ago. Im reposing with a little bit more info, as I didnt get much feedback, and I really would love to get this Contest underway.

The Theme is
Kingdom Hearts/Melody

As I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and Melody I would like to see her paired with other Kingdom Hearts characters, such as Sora, Roxas, Kairi, Organization 13 etc...
Entries can be CGI, Dolls, Classic, Cosplay, Drawings, Photoshop etc...

Requirements are..
Melody should be included in some sort of Kingdom Hearts world, and or have a Kingdom Hearts style.
Artwork that has already been submitted to the club, that is Melody/Kingdom Hearts, can be entered into the contest, but new artwork is strongly encouraged.

Im not posting how to enter yet, because I dont have any prizes as of now. If you can donate a prize it would be greatly appreciated. Donated prizes may include Commissions, Featurette in a Journal, A premium membership, merchandise etc...

No Deadline yet, again because I need help with prizes. Once I get those things I can set up the entries and the deadline. But I really do want to get this going.
It doesnt seem much of a club when we dont have any contests or anything, and I just dont want the club to die. We all LOVE Melody here so please lets all pull through and lets get this started!
Hello everyone!
I think its about that time again to hold a contest!!
I was thinking it should be Melody/Kingdom Hearts. Since I love Melody and Kingdom Hearts. I'd like to see them paired.
Although I do need help with prizes. Anybody who can contribute a prize would be a BIG help. If you can help just message us and let us know what you'd like to contribute.
As for art style, it can be Cosplay (must have Melody and Sora/Kingdom Hearts Characters), Drawings (reg,CG,etc..)
Lets see how creative ya'll can be! Cant wait.
Since we are now an official DA group, you will need to "join".  We may hold a contest soon for a new icon, since groups get a larger icon than users.  Let us know what you think.

Also, if you have submitted art before the group upgrade, please submit through the group so you get credit for the submission.
Welcome to Club Melody!

This is the only club on DA dedicated to Melody and The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea.
This club is for all of the Melody fans out there!

:bulletorange: Hi everyone, I have two topics of discussion for you all.

:iconletadarnell: is planning at least one Melody comic, and they are looking for a co-writer or artist. Please message them if you are interested.

:iconjeweledfaith: is looking for someone who can help her come up with a design for Diamond (her OC, who is a friend to Melody) as a human. Please message her and let her know if you can help. Thanks

:bulletorange:  If you'd like to join the club, send us a note (messages sometimes get lost).  We'll add you to our members page.  

:bulletorange:  If you'd like to submit your art, send us a note and we'll upload it to the group.

:bulletorange:  Do you want to browse other websites about Melody?  Look no further, we are compiling a list of links.
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